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Unveiling the Global Internship Scheme 2023-2024 by Adidas

Unveiling the Global Internship Scheme 2023-2024 by Adidas

Adidas extends a hearty welcome to undergraduate and postgraduate scholars worldwide, encouraging them to grab the golden chance of being part of the Adidas Internship 2023 initiative. Orchestrated from Adidas’ primary command center, this international internship scheme welcomes students from every nook and cranny of the globe. Included in this programme is a lucrative summer internship specifically designed for MBA intellectuals. The internship assures a profound learning experience for all global participants at Adidas, spanning a twelve-week term for MBA interns.

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A plethora of professional fields find representation under this scheme, encompassing design, marketing, supply chain management, and finance. The internship could find its setting in the quaint town of Herzogenaurach, Germany at Adidas’ global nexus, or any of its universal regional offices. Submissions for these internships are continually accepted online through Adidas’ career gateway.

Incepted in 1949, Adidas stands tall as a significant contender in the worldwide sportswear fabrication sector. The brand wields a potent presence in over 160 nations, employing an impressive army of over 60,000 individuals. Its expertise lies in the creation of athletic footwear, garments, and other sports-centric paraphernalia.

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Specifications of Adidas Internships 2023:

  • Sponsor: Adidas
  • Tenure: 1 Year
  • Internship Category: Remunerated Applicable
  • Citizenships: All
  • Host Countries: UK and USA
  • Submission Window: Throughout the year
  • Monetary Incentives:

Engaging in the Adidas Internships 2023 will bestow participants with:

  • Recurring monthly remuneration for chosen interns.
  • A year-long pact with Adidas for summer programme inductees.
  • Glimpse into one of the world’s premier brand markets.
  • Guidance from seasoned mentors.
  • Necessary Paperwork:

Academic credentials.

  • Up-to-date CV (Resume)
  • Job and Geographical Data: Adidas currently boasts 1382 vacancies across 353 locations in 52 nations, distributed over 21 teams.
  • To locate an appropriate position in your homeland, follow the given link.

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Qualification Criteria:

  • Aspirants must be university attendees or alumni who are qualified to work at Adidas.
  • Active enrollment in any university curriculum.
  • Active participation in an undergraduate, postgraduate, or MBA curriculum.
  • Abiding by all application prerequisites.
  • Pursuit of studies in a field pertinent to the internship. Submission Deadlines:

The Adidas Internships 2023 scheme welcomes submissions throughout the year. However, the following are the commencement dates for various locales:

  • Stockport, UK: Lodge application by February/March 2023 for a September 2023 commencement
  • HQ Portland, US: Lodge application by January 2023 for a May/June 2023 commencement
  • HQ Amsterdam, Netherlands: Lodge application by February/March 2023 for a September 2023- September/October 2023 for a March 2024 commencement
  • HQ Herzogenaurach, Germany: Lodge application by February/March 2023 for a September 2023- September/October 2023 for a March 2024 commencement

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Steps to Enroll for Adidas Internships?

Interested aspirants can forward their applications for the Adidas Internships 2023 online by visiting the authorized web portal. For any further inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with the official helpline.

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